Monday, January 31, 2011

epop ! kpop fanz magazine

my first epop. this is the 17th issues. my sister introduce this magazine to me. actually epop is still new because this is the 17th issues. its the best i guess because the magazines provides many information about korean idol, drama, film and entertainment. overall, this magazine is just great !


a story about 6 student in KIRIN ARTS HIGH SCHOOL trying to fulfill their dream to become a star ! the 6 of them are Song Sam Dong [Kim Soo Hyun], Jin Guk [Taec Yeon 2pm], Go Hye Mi [Suzy miss A], Yoon Baek Hee [Eun Jang T-ara], Jason [Woo Young 2pm] and Kim Pil Suk [IU].

actually i still haven't time to watch this drama. busy studying. . hoho (~.~) ! ! but my friends said this drama was great. i decided to watch but i can't because my dad does not encourage me to watch more korean dramas because he always said to me, "do you really understand what are they saying ?" and of course i do because the subtitles was just right there. i mean can he see the subtitles ? anyway i will try to learn korean. maybe not today or tomorrow but i will learn it ! fighting ! ! !

Sunday, January 2, 2011


yesterday was SUNGMIN's birthday! so happy birthday! just hope that he would be better in this new year and more cuter. huhu. actually, i dont really know much about him. well, i start knowing him at the end of last year and SUJU as well. hope to hear more about him this 2011. all that i know that he's always been bullied by KYUHYUN although KYUHYUN is more younger than him. once KYUHYUN pour water into his mouth while he was sleeping. that's just evil. hohoho. i got that info from my sister. i dont know if its true or not. anyway, Happy Birthday Sungmin.