Monday, January 31, 2011


a story about 6 student in KIRIN ARTS HIGH SCHOOL trying to fulfill their dream to become a star ! the 6 of them are Song Sam Dong [Kim Soo Hyun], Jin Guk [Taec Yeon 2pm], Go Hye Mi [Suzy miss A], Yoon Baek Hee [Eun Jang T-ara], Jason [Woo Young 2pm] and Kim Pil Suk [IU].

actually i still haven't time to watch this drama. busy studying. . hoho (~.~) ! ! but my friends said this drama was great. i decided to watch but i can't because my dad does not encourage me to watch more korean dramas because he always said to me, "do you really understand what are they saying ?" and of course i do because the subtitles was just right there. i mean can he see the subtitles ? anyway i will try to learn korean. maybe not today or tomorrow but i will learn it ! fighting ! ! !

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