Saturday, December 25, 2010

new interest (>,<)

during the holiday, new interest just came up to me. listening to KOREAN is a must for me now.
i dont know why and how but its kinda fun listening to their music. although i dont really know what the lyrics mean but the music is interesting to hear. once i kP0p, i just cant stop ! everyday i would listen about 5 to 10 songs.

 from malaysian indie, ive become kP0p fans. well my bff is okey with it. i share my interest with my sis because she's also a kP0p fans. i think i got the influence from her because all of her classmates eventually love kP0p.well not all of her classmates.some of them i guess.

my first korean drama that i watch.this drama actually pretty not like any other malaysian drama.well maybe because all the actor and actress are super duper cute.i started watching this drama this December.i've watched from the first episode until 8th episode.anyhow if i miss it, i can always watch it at its a korean,japanese and taiwanese site for drama and movies.that site have been very helpful to me though.

conclusion,i just cant wait to start going to school again because during the holiday, ive done nothing interesting i guess.


p.i.n.a.t. said...

hey!same with me..first korean drama that made me into kpop is your beautiful too.=P

noeanna said...

haha. . the drama was so funny and cute. . i love it so much !

cuddly bear said...


noeanna said...

kau nape weyh. .
hoho (>.<)

Jaff6301 said...

I really don't get it why they like d korean so much...worst is they can't even understand the language...better if you all learn some korean language..then only you all really "into" it.

noeanna said...

ayah !
hohoho (>,<)