Friday, June 11, 2010

shaheizySAM vs BUNKface


            okey.first of all,just want to scream out loud 'aku suka shaheizySAM!!!!!'.thats better.
how did i love him?well actually after seeing his acting suddenly my heart said 'i think i like him.'.from then i start to like him.not just like but admire,love and love everything about him.
he is so handsome u know!

           then i start to collect information about him.finding his picture was a bit hard.he dont have myspace.only facebook maybe.when i tried to add as a friend then the facebook thingy said 'sorry but this user have too many friends'.i felt like 'what!!how many friends does he  had.dont tell me that many people like him too.wahh too many fan.'

           start to like him this year.newly laa.after seeing 'ADNAN SEMPIT' and 'BOHSIA: JANGAN PILIH JALAN HITAM'.he was so handsome,stylish,bad boy,acting and many more.ouh how much i admire him now!i like him soooo damn much!!!


          BUNKface is a popular indie band in MALAYSIA.they have many fans.some of them are 'die hard fans'.i'm proudly to say that i am one of them!!!i just love them is almost two year since i first known them.i still remember  their seeing their first vid about a song that is 'SILLY LILY'.

          now they had release their first album.i didnt had a chance to buy 'em becoz i dont want 'em.i just love their to listening.admire their image.such an indie!loving their musix so much.i've also have a folder full all about them.their song,their picture,their song lyrics and everything.but not much.

BUNKface vs shaheizySAM

thats all for now.untill next time


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aeliyana said...

think u need space at tanjung rambutan..muahahaha..just kidding..forget about them becoz they never remember about u..haha..kidding again!!just dont be too obsess okay..