Friday, January 12, 2018

Date Ideas

concert.  kayaking. beach.  photo shootice creamwalk around the parkstrawberry pickinghikingstarbucksbakingart museumart festivalpottery decoratingsunsetsunrisecarnivalchocolate factory tourride bikesrock climbingroller skating ice skatingbonfiremovie marathonboatingfishingsnorkelinggo out for breakfast. brunch for lunchbowlinggo to a playzooaquarium swimmingyoga challengepizza datechill and listen to musictrying new restaurantspark exploringcinemaplaying with catsgo cartingescape roomlaser tag. pet bunnies. cruising around town. ghost hunting. karaoke. amusement park. bed and breakfast. camping. horseback riding. stargazing. picnic at the park. window shopping. video arcade. day at the spa. board game. tv series marathon. paintball

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