Sunday, December 4, 2016

Vacay Day // 32 Trip to Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson

Introducing 32 Trip vacay. Why 32 Trip? Well it is because all 5 of us were housemates during our degree study in Unisel and our house number was 32. So, the next time we all go on another trip, it will be called 32 Trip. Actually we did went on a trip before; a 3D2N to Langkawi island but I was so packed up with laziness to post about it. Perhaps later.

This time the reason was to celebrate and have a mini bachelorette party just the five of us because Hannah is getting marry next year in January. We 've  been wanting to go there for such a long time ago but the place is so expensive and now we have solid reason to go *just an excuse to make myself feel better paying a large sum of money for that* haha. Anyway, I didn't manage to take pictures of the inside of the hotel suites but it was lovely. 

After hours of playing in the pool, we decided to get ourselves ready and grab dinner at a nearby town. I couldn't quite remember what's the name of the restaurant but it was Nasreen something. It was okay but I think the service was kinda slow but okaylah. Not that bad, I still enjoy the food tho. We got back to the hotel somewhere around midnight after a night stroll around town while finding McDonalds haha. My friends decided to give a lil' bit of surprise for Hannah which was eventually spoiled by the buggy driver during on our way home. He mention whether if we're having a birthday celebration cuz he saw decoration around our room. Why lahhh like that. Hannah almost didn't have a clue cuz she thought we're not doing anything since it was almost bedtime but sikes, we did throw a mini party. Foods and photo session. 

The next day, we checked out but not before we dip ourselves for the last time in the pool hehe. We took a walk around Hibiscus Walk at the hotel area. It was somewhere around afternoon and the sun was right on top of us. I was so worried that my skin might break out and become half-cooked red, cuz my skin is sensitive like that to the sun but mehh, it was all good. We enjoy the sun a lilttle bit and later that I quickly ran back into the car and waited for them to go buy some food. 

As for lunch, we dined at a Cowboy's something. Gosh, I can even remember what's the name of that place. But the food was nice and kinda cheap too. I mean at a reasonable price lah. They sell nasi kukus I guess and chicken grill. Later after that, we went to the beach and just lepak there. Just kinda do the girls talking and late that evening we parted our way. The time to say goodbye has arrived. We hugs and got into our cars and went back to our respective home. Although it was a short trip but it was nice. Hoping for many more trips like this. 

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