Monday, April 25, 2016

I dream I was engaged !

The sky were blue and it was the perfect day to just sit back and relax at home. I was taking some time off from school life and decided to went back my hometown that weekend. I woke up in the morning and head straight for breakfast while watching television together with my sisters. After some time watching the television, I went to find my mother which to my surprise she was outside together with a bunch of people whom some I recognized (the village people and and my aunties) and some I don't. I seemed to be that they were busy preparing and cooking something, probably for an event. I ask my mother what seems to be the occasion here and she replied, "It's for your engagement, silly! Now go get dressed. They're coming soon!", and I was like, "WHAT!". This really surprised me. As surprised as I was at the moment, I didn't say anything and let alone argue or denied about the engagement, MY ENGAGEMENT. 

So, as a good daughter I was, I clean myself, get ready and prepare for the engagement ceremony. Apparently at that time, there were so many pretty clothes and dresses as if it was customarily made for me and for the ceremony. I had so many to choose from and in the end I choose a nice simple dress with a little splash of gold color to it. My mother was busy preparing the food, decoration and everything and I got no one to do my make up for, which in the end I did it myself and it turned out pretty flawlessly awesome! And then everything gets blurry. 

I don't quite remember what happen but when my sense came back, I saw a ring at my finger. I AM ENGAGED, OMG! but to whom? Who's the guy? I tried searching but to no avail nothing. It seems like the ceremony was over and right now I don't know who was my fiance. It's weird, its like he has some kind of mysterious aura in hi that make me go curious about his identity. But why so sudden my mother agree to this engagement? Was this an arrange marriage? Omg, I have fallen into a chapter in my life where arrange marriage did happen to me. Out of nowhere, I shadow could be seen. It has a man body figure but all black and I  could not recognize who he was. Was he my fiance? I tried followed the shadow but then I WOKE UP TO REALITY!

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