Sunday, February 7, 2016

I dream we almost got engaged

You were dressed so nicely and I look pretty as well. We were in a car heading towards somewhere I did not know and as it turned out to be my hometown. We arrived at my house early in the morning and you parked your car in the garage at my house, just beside my father's car. We got out from the car and it did not feel like home to me. Everything looked so strange and strangers were everywhere. I could not see my parents nor my family anywhere but yet they were all very welcoming. 

It looks like they were celebrating something. So, we let ourselves into the house and instantly saw food and beverages everywhere. We drink and we ate, it was almost great. For some reason, some of the people there were my relatives whom I did not know but it was fine. We talked and we laughed all day long. They kept asking me who I came with and I said I came with you, my boyfriend. And then they started eyeing on him. I looked at you too. From a distance, I could see you were trying to get along with the crowd as you usually do and it made me smile. 

As one of the family members, I felt responsible to clean up the mess the guest had made, so I tried to help and the elderly saw me and they started judging me whether I am ready to be married to you or not? They did not ask much about our relationship but for what I know, they accept it with open hearts. 

When it was time to leave, I saw you going outside to the garage to smoke cigarette. I know that was the hint telling me you wanted to go home. I packed my stuff and met few of my relatives to say goodbye. At that point of the moment, it felt like I have my fiancee waiting outside and waiting for me before we hit the road. I did not know why I thought we were engaged, maybe the thought of we were at a family ceremony and with all the relatives keeps asking me about you, it felt like they gave me their blessing of our relationship and thus letting me to felt like we were engaged. I did not realize that until a lady came onto to me and we talked. 

I was outside of the house, near the garage, waiting for you to finish your cigar while you was saying goodbye to some of the people there. Then, came a lady and told me that you looked good and asked me your name. I told her your name and then I blurted out that you were my fiancee. And then it hit me, since when did we got engaged? The feeling of being in that house surrounded by family and relatives made me wish that you were already my fiancee. After you say your final goodbye, we hit the road and I smile all the way through the journey for I am lucky to have you.

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