Friday, August 14, 2015

Certain Event // SKUD at Bagan Lalang beach

SKUD stands for "Seuntai Kasih Untuk Dirasa" which means buckets of love for you. It was the after program for the participant who went to KAR07 (Kembara Alam Rimba 07) which was around 3 months ago at Hutan Terenggun, Lipis, Pahang. Only this time, we, the participant had to conduct and planned for SKUD. The seniors, alumni and facilitators during KAR07 have to come as participant. 

The event went quite well although we had some minor difficulties with the weather at night. It was only for 2 days and 1 night. For the first day, I got massived sunburn red face because I took over the photographer's job due to her migraine. It was fine. It's just that there's not many pictures of me because I'm the one whose been taking all the pictures. Of course we had another photographer, that was Halim. Though I am curious to see whether he took my picture or not. 

First day was filled with laughter and joy from the activities that our team put up to. Not many participants (seniors, alumni and facilitator) came for the first day. Much of them came later in the late evening due to work and other stuff. Around 8:30 pm, the wind at the beach starting to go strong and then we had code red, meaning that it was not safe to be there out in the open. We packed our stuff and moved all the girls to Fit's grandmother's house not far away from the beach. Later at 11:00 pm, all of us gather there to take shelter. It was not what we had in mind but at least we got everyone safe. So, we had our barbecue time there. 

The next day was just simply playing beach volleyball and water playing at the sea. Yet again, it was definitely hot and I can surely felt the warm breeze through the wind. After SKUD ended, our crew had to do a postmortem. It was supposed to be at Fit's grandma's house but later changed to at Shah Alam at Unisel, the club room. So, I dropped my car at my house and went on to Shah Alam with Ucop and went back with him to. During postmortem, it was full with tears and I definitely was not comfortable in that kinda situation. It felt weird seeing the guys cried but whatever, we're a family and family cries with each other while sharing feelings. Anyway, SKUD was awesome and I really hope we could gather again as a family :) 

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