Sunday, March 4, 2012

TUTORIAL : display twitter updates on blog

another random post. i made this tutorial just for fun. i like fun stuff. i post this tutorial right after i did mine. i just want to help other people to display their twitter updates on their blog. it took me almost an hour to find this solution. at last i found it ! *so relieved (◕‿◕) shall we begin ?

1. make sure you have log in to you twitter account.

2. go to this website twitter. you will see something like this . . 

3. click 'My Website' and pick 'Profile Widget'

3. you will see this four things 

4. in 'setting', make sure your username is correct

5. in 'preferences', you can poll for new results, include scroll bar for your twitter updates box and select the number of tweets   

6. customize your twitter updates box at 'appearance' 

7. when finish, click the 'finish and grab code'

well, that wasn't so hard right. enjoy your twitter 'box'. hee . . twitter 'box'. that's what i call it. i don't know what to describe that thing. ouh, who cares. adios fellas ! till the next tutorial. this is my first one. can't wait for more tutorial.

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