Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow

It's March and hazy. I've not been writing for so long. The post before was just lyrics of a song that I like. So, here I am writing in my bedroom at home. I'm at semester 2 for my degree and it's mid-sem break right now. Got a whole week of empty hours. I'm getting fat back. 63 kg. Yeah, my weight sucks. Totally a fat girl. I'm 164 cm and weigh almost 63 kg. My weight life is pretty much heavy. Though, my parents think that I look okay; not too fat or obese, I look just average for my height. Well, you know what I want ? I want to see 50 kg when I put my feet on the scale before 21 April. I really need to get my ass workout !

It's been 

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